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Post-Christmas Letter-to-Santa

January 6, 2016


Post-Christmas Letter-to-Santa:


A Brief Note about Braille


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Dear Santa,


Just recently, I learned that you can read and write braille! How wonderful for all the little children who are braille readers! Of course, I know that you are a polyglot and have many wondrous ways; however, I was so pleasantly surprised to read in Newsreel magazine that you accepted braille letters-to-Santa from November 13 to December 18, 2015. Then, with (perhaps) help from your elves and Mrs. Claus, you sent a response to each of these children in braille. I imagine that all of your dear reindeer did their part in helping to deliver braille letters from Santa. What a superb team you have at the North Pole!


Always on the fourth of January, the anniversary of the birth of Louis Braille, I think of Louis Braille and try, in a small way, to honor the inventor of the tactile reading and writing system which we call braille. This first Monday of 2016 marked the 207th anniversary of Louis Braille’s birth in Coupvray, France. On Epiphany (January 6) of 1852, Louis Braille passed away after hearing the tolling of the bells for church on Three Kings’ Day. Nevertheless, his system of raised dots for reading by touch endures and brightens lives as you, Santa, brighten lives–not just during the Christmas season, but through all seasons of the year and through life.


Although I am well past the age of being on your “Naughty or Nice List,” I, now on your “Sparkling Seniors List,” hope that you will send me a braille letter next Christmas.


With many merry thanks and good peppermint wishes,

Alice and Leader Dog Zoe


POST-SCRIPT: For more information about braille letters from Santa, please visit


To learn more about the audio, monthly magazine Newsreel, please visit


January 6, 2016, Wednesday



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  1. Alice. Thanks for stretching the magic into this, the newest of years. In all his worldly amazement, the jolly bearded one just keeps on giving.
    Hats off on another stellar post, and thank you Mr. Braille. Warmest to you and Zoey, dp.

  2. Good letter, Alice, I hope you get one in Braille from Santa next year. Smile.

    • Abbie–Thanks very much for your nice comment! Your “Letter from Debbie” was an especially cute and well-crafted holiday letter. Much more soon in an e-mail–Alice

  3. I am truly overwhelmed when I think of the number of lives touched by Louis Braille’s brilliant invention, Alice, including yours. How wonderful that Santa is now among those who can communicate using this system of raised dots. Many thanks to you and to Newsreel magazine for sharing this information well in advance of Christmas, 2016!
    Love, Mary

  4. You’re welcome, Alice, and thank you for your comments regarding my Christmas letter. I look forward to reading more from you.

  5. What wonderful news, Alice! Maybe you could be an elf, too!
    Happy New Year to you and Zoe!

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