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Acrostic Christmas Gift

December 9, 2015


NOTE: Season’s Greetings! The following poem appeared in the December issue of Newsreel magazine and will be an insert in my Christmas cards this year. Reading down the left side of the page, you will notice that the initial letters (after the two introductory lines) spell out the phrase “Christmas Gift.” I hope that you enjoy my acrostic poem and this holiday season.



Acrostic Christmas Gift


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



During this holiday season, what is it?

What is it?


Carolers sing of it.

Harpists echo it.

Rejoicing follows it.

I, like you, pray for it.

Songwriters pen and strum it.

Tenderly, we have held it.

Masses strive for it.

Angels applaud it.

Some valiantly fight for it.


Grace radiantly reflects it.

I, like you, hope for it.

For this Christmas and forever,

To you and to all, I wish it–peace, Peace on Earth.



Peaceful Christmas Blessings to all,

Alice and Zoe


December 9, 2015, Wednesday



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  1. Fran Rayce permalink

    Beautiful, Alice. I am not generally a fan of acrostic poetry, (mainly because so many
    students do it so often, and so tritely and badly), but this is lovely. It moves so smoothly and rhythmically and has such a sweet, almost surprise, ending. And of course no one could argue with your wish! I am eager to share this with my eight year old poetess granddaughter. I am certain it will further inspire her in her poetry writing.
    Blessings of the season to you and Zoe.
    Fondly, Fran

    • Fran–Thank you for your comments. I am delighted to hear that you will share the poem with your granddaughter. How wonderful that she is interested in poetry! Enjoy the holiday season–Alice

  2. Thank you for this most special Christmas gift, Alice. Your poem is simply beautiful! With all my heart I wish you and Zoe peace this Christmas season.
    Love always,

  3. What a wonderful piece of holiday magic! You have captured the essence of the season with your unique perspective. Amazing stuff! dp

  4. Ah, Alice, this poetic gift is perfect for the times and the season. I love it! Merry Christmas!

    • Carole–Thanks for your comment. I hope that you and Tim enjoy all your holiday festivities. Call when you can–A & Z

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