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Masquerade: A Halloween Acrostic

October 28, 2015


NOTE: If you read down vertically the bolded initial letter of each line of this acrostic poem, you will find spelled the word “masquerade.”



Masquerade: A Halloween Acrostic


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Midnight moon, melting over an indigo lagoon,


Aver this vexing Eve of Halloween,


Scatter the stately and silent ghosts upon this harvested land,


Quench the thirst of scarecrows with the milk of your moon,


Untie the pointed shoes of each wicked witch.


Echo the cackles, screams, boos, and howls of a spooky night.


Reveal the trick and treats, the popcorn balls, and caramel apples.


Adorn the smiling jack-o-lanterns with light from your own beams.


Do not hide in the nook and crannies of that haunted house!


Eventually, I will know who, on Halloween, masquerades as the Midnight Moon.


* * *


Post-script: Now, you can write a Halloween or autumnal acrostic. Begin by selecting a favorite autumn or Halloween word or short phrase to form your acrostic poem. Happy writing!


Happy Halloween!

Alice and Zoe


October 28, 2015, Wednesday



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  1. Hi Alice.

    I absolutely love this, and thought of nothing but Halloween while reading it. My partner in rhyme is once again blazing a trail for other writers to follow, if they dare.



    • Deon–Thanks for your comment! I am glad that this acrostic inspired you to write an acrostic stemming from a word I had nnot anticipated–“FRIGHTEN.” Happy Halloween! Alice (expecting snow flurries tonight)

  2. Thank you for this wonderful Halloween treat, Alice! I look forward to the “tricks” you have up your sleeve for next week’s blog.
    Love, Mary

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