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POEM: Holdings

August 5, 2015




by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



In a shoe box,

only two matched Mary Janes will fit.

I am hearing applause,

but I am waiting for wit.


This candleholder on my sill

is fashioned to hold only three tapers.

Will each use a teleprompter,

or will notes be on small papers?


That booth in the corner

will seat only four.

Do I hear laughter?

Do we want something more?


This plastic carton from a neighborhood shop

holds only six generously frosted cupcakes.

Will reporters misunderstand,

or will they count mistakes?


On Sundays or at weddings,

this wooden pew holds only eight.

Is the Green Room charged,

or is the atmosphere sedate?


At Metro Market, this styrofoam carton

holds precisely twelve eggs–grade-A.

What grade will each person waiting in the wings earn?

At this point, who can say?


How many cans will fit into one recycling bin?

How many oranges will fit into this crate?

How many presidential candidates can fit on one stage

to enrich Americans with a fruitful debate?



Enjoy this fifth season of the year–the political season!

Alice and Zoe


August 5, 2015, Wednesday



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  1. Hi Alice,

    I love this!


  2. Alice, This poem of yours holds so many things, most of all, the different gifts that it brings. Your way with words is music to behold, with a tapestry of visions, so uniquely told. A wonderful post and so beautifully crafted. Bravo! dp

  3. Such an interesting poem, Alice! Enjoy the first debate this evening!
    Love, Mary

  4. Carole permalink

    Very unique, Alice! You are still teaching!

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