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June Wedding and Anniversary Bells

June 24, 2015









Wedding Bells and Wishes for Eric and Marissa



Married! Eric and Marissa—yes! Hurray!


All the family wish you the very best on your special day.


Rose petals and wedding bells mark the occasion;


I do! I do! are the words that kick off the celebration.


Sipping champagne, the two of you toast your life’s bliss;


Slicing your wedding cake, you share sweet icing and a tender kiss.


A-a-a-h, a twirl around the dance floor for Eric’s beautiful bride–


Applause for the happy couple who now take their stride.


Notes of music—your song—drift through the festive air.


Decorated tables, family, friends, and smiles are everywhere.


Extraordinary moments to cherish on June 30 and always!


Ring the wedding bells with joy on these blessed days! Now,


It’s time to open your gifts and snip a bow.


Congratulations, Eric and Marissa—the new Mr. and Mrs. Fanyo!










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