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Glass Ceiling

April 29, 2015


NOTE:  On this next-to-the-last evening of National Poetry Month of 2015, I am sharing with you a poem which I wrote early in January.  As of today, April 29, the spring/summer issue of the online publication Magnets and Ladders is posted at:


Along with 57 other writing pieces–you will find my following poem, a pi poem of mine, and one of my short stories in the new issue of Magnets and Ladders.  This literary publication, edited by Mary-Jo Lord, is a publication of the organization Behind Our Eyes, Inc.


In this spring’s poetry contest, the poem below received “honorable mention.”  To read other prize-winning poems, short stories, and nonfiction pieces, please visit the Magnets and Ladders website.



Can You Wear Glass Slippers and Break Through the Glass Ceiling?


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



You, there, wearing the glass slippers–

can you reach the glass ceiling?

With your tiara or scepter or wand,

can you break through the glass ceiling?


Do you want to exchange your tiara for a mortar board?

Do you want to trade your scepter for a tablet or pen?

Can you kick a crack in that glass ceiling

with your tightly fitting glass slippers?

Would you try a pair of jogging shoes,

a pair of business casual black pumps;

or do you need a pair of stilts?


Is there a glass ceiling in your castle?

Let down your drawbridge:

I want to see a life with no hassle.


I find myself surrounded by princesses

or pretend princesses.

In my sweet and younger days,

I never imagined being a princess.

Since I was an imaginative,

yet practical child,

I chose ruby slippers–

not the glass ones.

Now, far down that path

on the Yellow Brick Road,

I will definitely wear the joggers with orthotics.


I wonder if there is a glass ceiling

to be broken at the Emerald City.

Could I break it with a broomstick?

Could I crack it with an acrostic?


Then, would I fly away in a balloon;

or would I be elected the next Wizard–

the first woman to be Wizard?


My first decree would be:

Toss away the tiaras and five-inch heels–

practical footwear and practical thought

will have mass appeal!



With thanks for visiting


Alice and Zoe


April 29, 2015, Wednesday


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  1. Alice. I would imagine that because of you, they have been repairing and re-repairing that glass ceiling for a few years. Grab your tiara, and your black pumps so the world can imagine right along with your incredible collection of amazing writings. A big fan. dp Deon Lyons

  2. Congratulations, Alice, on receiving Honorable Mention for your thought-provoking poem! I enjoyed reading several pieces in the spring/summer issue of Magnets and Ladders. Thank you and others for your time and effort in creating this fine online publication!
    Love, Mary

  3. CONGRATULATIONS on your recognition, Alice! Your work is always very interesting and quite imaginative! Kudos, cousin!

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