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The Poetry Wars

April 22, 2015


NOTE:  On this 22nd day of National Poetry Month of 2015, I am sharing with you the following poem, in which I hope you will enjoy light touches of humor.  When I was teaching writing for many years, I said to my classes, at least once a semester, “I can teach you how to write, but I cannot teach you how to write humor.”  Humor is a natural quality, and I wish I could more often find humor in my nature and in my writing.  During this string of chilly, extremely windy, and sunless days in Milwaukee, many of us can use a touch of humor.  When humor and fair weather are lacking, a poem and/or frozen custard  should do for brightening an April day.



The Poetry Wars


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Part I


When I have my poetic plume in hand,

I aim for perfect punctuation;

but you bring only line breaks

in your paginal arsenal.

When I sit stoically at my computer field,

I am at the peak of grammar-readiness;

you, peering at a different screen,

grammar on in a less conventional way.


Who is counting syllables?

Who traverses just in rhyme?

Where are your bards and sonnets?

Where are your acrostics and tankas?

Hold that comma!  Full steam ahead, Semicolons!

Position for the dash.

Are you ready for a stand-off

at the end of each stanza?

At the appointed hour,

I will meet you at Free Verse.


Part II


At Free Verse,

the peace talks were a success.

The words were engraved

into the base of the statue:


“In the Library of the Poetic World,

there is room

for all types of poetry.”


Oh, yes, yes,

a lovely quotation–

but which poet is

lauded with his or her likeness

on the polished grammar statue?

Please do not tell me

it is unpunctuated you.



Best wishes for a happy April day!

Alice and Zoe


April 22, 2015, Wednesday



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  1. A perfect addition for a memorable month of poetic verse. You sure do have a way with words. dp

    • Deon–Thanks so much! What a wonderful month for poets and poetry! You certainly have been doing your part to make this month special. Take care–Alice

  2. The wealth of creative ideas and expressive words for your poems is overwhelming to me! You are blessed with a great talent for writing, Alice! For many years I would only come across your poems here and there in a drawer or elsewhere. I appreciate your sharing your vast talent through this blog.
    Love, Mary

  3. Paula Lumb permalink

    Smart and fun, Alice!!!

  4. Very creative, as usual–exclamation, exclamation, exclamation!!!

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