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At a High Altitude in the Poetries

April 15, 2015


At a High Altitude in the Poetries


by Allice Jane-Marie Massa



Atop the Peak of Mount Poetry,

above the tree line,

midst the poetry lines,

I gaze down

and see a valley of verses.

Meadows of metaphors,

fields of figurative language

lie before me.

Across the Great Plains are

acrostics and tumbleweeds of tankas.

Rolling hills of haikus

head toward the horizon.


A stream of sonnets is to the south

while to the west, I watch

a waterfall of words.


So very close to me is

a scent of similes,

a fragrance of fiction,

an incense of inspiration.


As I admire the azure sky,

I am reminded of the vastness

of this poetic world.


How creatively content I am

at this altitude of gratitude

for poetry!



Share a poem with someone during this third week of National Poetry Month–

Alice and Zoe


April 15, 2015, Wednesday



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  1. This should be published my dear. The imagery and use of phrase is magnificent. Hats held high and waving frantically. dp

  2. For someone who lives at the mile-high altitude of Denver with views of the majestic Rocky Mountains, I have to say that you captured the beauty of the landscape in your poetic images and language. What a wonderful poem, Alice!
    Love, Mary

    • Thanks, Mary, In conceiving the poem, I, at times, had in my mind moments when we were atop or on one of those Rocky Mountains. AZ

  3. This is one of the best! Excellent work, Alice!

    • Carole–Many thanks! I have been delighted with all of the comments by e-mail that I have received about this poem. Good night! AZ

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