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Counting Blessings at Easter

April 1, 2015


NOTE:  No April Foolery here–just April poetry!  Since April is National Poetry Month, I will be posting poems on my Wordwalk blog during this special month.



Counting Blessings at Easter


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Easter lilies, hyacinths, and baskets of Easter eggs

have stayed the same;

but oh, how the cathedral has changed.

I still try to hear the word from Heaven

in the call of the mourning dove,

but the cathedral has a new sound system.

I wait for the choir and pipe organ

to sound unlike the phantom of the opera.

Then, I hear that the mass is now online.

Oh, Saint Computer Cathedral!

Go in peace, PC.


I will count blessings elsewhere.


Was that the Archbishop I just heard

on a commercial,

on AM-radio?

What did he say?

Not on the wings of a dove,

without pipe organ music in the background,

I hear over the radio waves in my kitchen,

a thought to ponder and keep for Easter.


Remember: the blessings that you forget to count today

are what other people are praying for.


Are your uncounted blessings

the dreams and hopes of others?


When toddlers first learn to talk,

when little ones first go to school,

why do they learn to count?

One, two, three ….


When we are in the earliest stages

of learning another language,

why is one of the first lessons

learning to count?

Uno, dos, tres ….


Do we learn to count

so that we can count blessings?

How many blessings do we encounter

in a year,

in a month,

in the wink of an Easter Bunny’s eye?

How many blessings can we account for

at this Easter time?

I will count the tiny, the mid-sized, the grand

kind of blessings.

I will count the ones from long ago,

from a year ago, from yesterday,

from this morning.


Please do not tell me

that there is an app for

counting blessings!


Saint Count-Your-Blessings Cathedral

is where I want to worship

this Easter Sunday.



Easter Blessings to all!

Enjoy a most Happy Easter with your family and friends!

Alice and Leader Dog Zoe


P.S.  Happy National Poetry Month!


April 1, 2015, Wednesday



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  1. I hope you and Zoe have a safe and happy Easter.

  2. You and Zoe are certainly blessings to me, Alice! I am looking forward to celebrating Easter with you.
    Love, Mary

  3. A wonderful start to a wonderful month full of poetic verse. Good luck the rest of the way, and I look forward to your April posts. dp

  4. Paula Lumb permalink

    I love how you bring the focus onto the traditional vs. the current/electronic age. Even faith and religion are techno-accessible for this instant gratification world. Thanks for reminding us that using our minds and remembering our traditional ways offers many of us a sense of peace, comfort and connection to that which has existed far longer than the computer age. We can’t help but accept the changes technology brings, but we can still find and access the traditional ways! Great poem, Alice!!!

  5. Visiting with you, Mary, and Zoe on Easter was a special blessing, as well as my Easter treats. Thank you, Alice!

    • Carole–You are welcome! We enjoyed a memorable Easter Sunday. From the retired flyers–Alice and Zoe

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