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Blessed Are the Caregivers

February 25, 2015


Blessed Are the Caregivers


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



(This poem is dedicated to my dad who was my mother’s caregiver,

as well as to all other caregivers.)



In the midst of the seasons of life,

too often in the months of hard winter

comes an extraordinary season of giving,

of caregiving,

of giving care,

of giving and giving,

the 24/7 kind of giving–

giving until exhaustion overwhelms love,

giving until a weariness overshadows the spirit–

then, finding that the heart has even more to give

because of a belief in duty and love,

because of promises and prayers.


Blessed are these caregivers.

Surely, they will be given uncommon strength

through the touch

of an angel’s


Blessed are the caregivers,

for they will inherit the gentle grace of God.

Blessed are these caregivers,

and bless those who receive their care and love.



With gratitude to and admiration of all caregivers,

Alice and Zoe


February 25, 2015, Wednesday



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  1. Thank you, Alice, for dedicating this poem to me. I feel blessed to have met, married, and cared for Bill. If not for me, he probably would have spent the remainder of his life after his strokes in a nursing home and perhaps not lived as long. This is a great poem.

  2. Caregivers of the world breathe in deep with gratification and thanks for such a wonderful tribute. Hats waving high in the air. dp

  3. Such a beautiful poem! I think it would look lovely in a frame on a wall and would be very inspirational to anyone who reads it. ~ Jenna

  4. Reblogged this on Abbie's Corner of the World and commented:
    Being a family caregiver is a job like no other. Unlike nurses, policemen, and factory workers, caregivers don’t go home at the end of the day. Except for times when they can get respite care, they’re always on the job, meeting their loved ones’ needs, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

    I was a family caregiver for seven years so I should know. I feel blessed to have met and married Bill. Although caring for him wasn’t easy, I couldn’t walk away after he suffered his first stroke. Alice’s poem offers encouragement to others in this position.

  5. Carole permalink

    What a lovely tribute, Alice, to past and present family and friend caregivers! From experiences within our own family, we have been and continue to be blessed with caring, courageous, dedicated, and determined relatives who give their heart and soul for the necessary, selfless 24/7 tasks to comfort and sustain their loved ones. May their physical and emotional health endure through their endless devotion!

    • Carole–Thank you for adding your very well-written comment to my blog post. Talk with you soon! A & Z

  6. Fran Rayce permalink

    What a beautiful way you put words together in this tribute, Alice! And the content itself, with expressions of love and devotion, is even more touching. Thanks again for sharing your special gifts.

    • Fran–Oh, how I do appreciate your comment! I really debated with myself about posting this poem, so I sent the poem to a poet/friend for her opinion. Since she was her husband’s caregiver for seven years, I valued her opinion. After she encouraged me to post the poem, I finally did so. Now, I have been so touched by all the comments I have received on my Wordwalk and by e-mail. Additionally, my friend Abbie re-blogged the poem on her Word Press site so that more people will have the opportunity to read the poem. With thanks, Alice

  7. Your heartfelt poem is an eloquent prayer, Alice, which brings tears to my eyes.
    Love, Mary

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