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POEM: Autumnal Debate

October 1, 2014


NOTE: Happy October!  On the first full day of autumn of 2000, I wrote early drafts of “Autumnal Debate.”  Now, slightly over fourteen years later, I revised the poem as follows.



Autumnal Debate


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa





Stand aside, politicians and political leaders:

this debate is destined for poets, lyricists, artists, and leafers.

I will not be wishy-washy: I will take a stand–

actually, I will take four stanzas to present my platform.


Platform 1


Some sing of aspen and the Rockies in gold,

but autumn in Indiana is so much more to behold.

Here, in the Heartland,

where Mother Nature puts to use her master’s degree,

she uses a different palette

with much more artistry.

The crimsons, ochres, oranges, and yellows appear

to frame the houses, corn fields, and wheat fields

for this resplendent third season of the year.


Platform 2


Midst the smell of cider and the touch of fallen leaves,

the sound of less courageous buzzing bees,

I toast Mother Nature with that sweet apple treat

for her giving Hoosiers such an autumnal gift–

an annual donation without conceit.


Platform 3


While the aspen are forever on a canvas of green,

autumn in Indiana is so much more than the Western scene.

Many promote the glory of aspen gold;

but I promise you that in the Hoosier Hills,

more colors magically unfold.


Platform 4


If I were given a minute

to open my eyes to either point of view,

Undoubtedly, I’d choose to stand once again on a Hoosier hill

and take and take and take my fill

of all the autumnal hues

until at last and sadly, my fanciful minute were through.

Then, I’d toast Mother Nature a second time

for creating this wonderful place–

this Indiana where she leaves her trace

of undebatable, autumnal grace.



From the Third Coast,

we send you unwavering good wishes for this spectacular third season of the year!

Alice and Zoe


October 1, 2014, Wednesday



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One Comment
  1. Such a beautiful poem, Alice! Even after living in Colorado for nearly 40 years, I still miss the glorious colors of an Indiana autumn. Regardless of the season, Indiana will always be home.
    Love, Mary

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