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Happy Fourth of July!

July 5, 2014


An American Acrostic for the Fourth of July


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



NOTE:  The initial letter of each of the following twelve poetic lines forms the phrase “Fourth of July.”



Fireworks cascade through the sky on this special night.

Old Glory waves overhead in a peaceful light.

United, we celebrate our gift of independence in the Land of the Free.

Raising our voices, we sing The Star Spangled Banner in harmony.

Tides of patriotic memories sweep ashore

Historical figures and heroes give us strength for more.


Opportunities knock on every door for all who picnic, parade, and play.

Freedom’s Bridge spans from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate.


Justice is the fountain that sprays hope overhead.

USA, USA is the chant we have fervently said.

Land of our Forefathers, Land of our Foremothers, Land of the Future–

Yield on this birthday a peaceful, celebratory overture.



Best Wishes for a Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

Alice and Zoe


July 5, 2014, Saturday


Post-script:  On July 9, I will return to the regular Wednesday posting of this blog.



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  1. Carole permalink

    Beautiful! Happy Birthday, America!

  2. A very happy Independence day to you and Zoey too! Great post.


  3. So happy to have spent the 4th of July in Milwaukee with you and Zoe and to have seen the fabulous fireworks display from your window!
    Love, Mary

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