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Homing Lesson

June 25, 2014

NOTE:  Two lines longer than a Haiku, a Tanka is a traditional poetic form of Japan.  The Tanka consists of only five lines.  While five syllables are in the first and in the third lines, each of the other three lines contains seven syllables.  The following poem is a Tanka.


Homing Lesson

by Alice Jane-Marie Massa


Trying to go home?

You really cannot go home

to a place as was.

Present alters the sweet past.

Travel home only by heart.


Best Wishes for a Happy Summer!

Alice and Zoe

June 25, 2014, Wednesday



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  1. Hey Alice. Another sweet entry. I have written a couple essays on the home and what it means to me. Your short verse has captured a lot of those similar feelings. Home will forever remain deeply embedded within the heart, mind, body and soul. dp

    • Deon–Yes, I have enjoyed many of your writings about “home.” Thanks for your nice comment. AJM

  2. Hi Alice, This is an interesting form. I like the poem.


  3. Our travels took us to many special places with fond memories of our Indiana home.
    I enjoyed our time together.
    Love, Mary

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