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The Tender of Our Family Tree

June 11, 2014


The Tender of Our Family Tree: 


Honoring My Dad on Father’s Day


(An Acrostic Poem in Loving memory of James F. Massa, 1913-1997)


by his daughter Alice Jane-Marie Massa



NOTE:  Joining together the initial letter of each line of this very short poem spells the word “father.”



Forever Father, you planted  a beautiful family tree–


Always nurturing, always there, always trusty.


Tender-hearted Dad, are you looking down, watching me?


Hat ever-present (your trademark), slightly askew–


Everlasting memories bring your smile and you back to me.


Refresh, dear Dad, our family tree on your day–each Father’s Day–and always.



God bless all the fathers on our family tree and your family tree, also!

Happy Father’s Day!


Alice and Zoe


June 11, 2014, Wednesday



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  1. Carole permalink

    Lovely poem honoring a wonderful, kind uncle!

  2. My father passed away last year, and I’d almost forgotten this coming Sunday is Father’s Day. Thanks for reminding me and inspiring a future post on my blog. Don’t be surprised if you get a pingback later.

  3. Dad has been in my thoughts on this Father’s Day. He would have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating his great granddaughter Lanie’s First Birthday with us today! Thank you for honoring Dad with this beautiful poem.
    Love, Mary

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