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P-i-ink Poetry

April 2, 2014

P-I-ink Poetry


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa


Pink poetry is not the cream-cheese frosted, three-layer Hummingbird Cake:

it is the cupcake.

Pink poetry is not the entire blizzard moving from west to east:

it is the snowflake.


Pink poetry is not the complete Easter dinner:

it is the lemon meringue pie.

Pink poetry is not the ever so long and involved story:

it is the lie.


Pink poetry is not the ten-day, lingering cold:

it is the sneeze.

Pink poetry is not the three-ring circus under the Big Top:

it is the trapeze.


P-I-ink poetry is “placed in ink”–

poetry captured in writing,

typing, keyboarding, audio-recording,

scribbles, or calligraphy.

Whatever the saved medium,

Pink poetry is the wave of selected words wiggled into verses

that quickly nurse the poetic soul.


POST-SCRIPT:  My new computer still needs some fine-tuning, and I still need more training to format my posts as I have done previously.  By next week’s post, I hope that the new computer and I will be in better shape.


Celebrate National Poetry Month by reading and writing poetry!



April 2, 2014, Wednesday



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  1. Thanks for the reminder that THIS MONTH is National POETRY MONTH! I will have to concentrate on putting some poetry on my Face Book Pages, and on my website, and blog, too.

    I like PINK POETRY. It caused me to think about what COLOR I would write about in connection with POETRY. Let’s see….MINE will have to be ROARING ORANGE! Later today, I will see what I can do with that idea.

    FYI, the Vision and Revision exhibition will end at 4 pm on Thursday. On Friday morning, two of my granddaughters and I will be taking down my work, packing it up, and the next day, it has to be delivered to the second and final venue in another county. I sold so many pieces during the run of the show – opening night was just wonderful. We had a large audience, and my five girls were busy writing up and packaging items for the buyers for the entire three hours. Then, I sold even more work as other people came to view the show. I have no idea what I will find on Friday when I get there – I am fairly certain there were more sales.

    That means, I have to take some things off of the list of works for the show, and then put in other works in their place. That is a good thing!

    Also, I love to give away some things when I have a show. I have a drawing at the opening – for every person who made a purchase, I give them a card to drop into my container for the drawing. Before the end of the opening, we draw a winner for a gift certificate the winner can use towards a purchase of something from the show. Then, on the day when some people came to visit, I gave a book, Behind Our Eyes to the woman who drove them there – she is a coordinator of blind activities in the arts in Pittsburgh. She loved it, and she knows two of the authors in the book. So she was delighted.

    On the day when we went to the gallery to make art, and visit with people who came to see us – a very sweet blind girl came in. Another young girl had brought her. When I took her into see the show, I placed one of my beautiful _Forest Spirit Plates_ in her hands. I imbed leaves, twigs, and other little things from nature into these freeform plates as I work on making them. The blind girl, Debby, absolutely swooned when she touched it. She said, “OH, how I would love to have this for in my room so I could touch it every day.” I told her, “Well, when you leave here today, you will be taking this home with you, Debby! ” I wrapped it up and as she was leaving I gave it to her. You would think she had just won the lottery she was so happy. It made my heart sing with joy to know how much she would love and cherish this little piece of art.

    Right now, as I begin to select the works for the next show, I am thinking of what I can give away at this show, too. I think it will be a gift certificate, as usual, and then some copies of my book, _Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage.” It is now out of print, and I had held back about 100 copies for myself – so I am going to dig into my stash and give a few away at the opening reception on April 17th.

    Alice, to me, art is a way of life and it is the core of my being. It is always about being grateful and saying “Thank you” to the world through the work of my hands. While my art has been in many different countries, and in major exhibitions, that is never what it has been about – it’s never been a commercial venture for me, but instead it’s a gift I was given and a gift I want to pass on to other people. I do not make copies of any of my work – every piece is a one only piece. I am not a production worker and I am not interested in the least in any kind of mass marketing of anything I do.

    My husband has been very sick. He collapsed on January 22, and had no pulse when the rescue team arrived. He was brought back – and has been through a lot of tests since then. Last week, he had to have 3 units of blood transfusions, a heart cath, a colonoscopy, and an endoscopy done. He came home from the hospital Friday night, but we still have no answers – all the tests came out negative. Now, I believe they must turn to the bone marrow and see what they find there – he is still bleeding internally. One day at a time – it’s been very frightening for me, and for him, and our family. Thankfully, our family members have been right there to help us both as needed. This weekend, our daughter Heidi and our daughter Ilsa will be coming to stay for a few days to help us. Heidi lives about 1 1/2 hours up in the PA mountains; Ilsa lives in Kentucky. Ilsa is on spring break – she is a teacher and a librarian. So we are really blessed in all ways.

    Hugs, Lynda

  2. I need to get my poetry hat on and get going. We’re two days into the month, and I haven’t written a thing! And away we go! Great post kiddo. dp

  3. Carole permalink

    Love this! XO

  4. Hey Alice, this is pretty clever. I know it’s tough working with a new computer. Good luck.

  5. What a delightfully clever poem, Alice! I enjoyed and appreciated the way you used your favorite color and creative imagery to “place these thoughts in ink.”
    Love, Mary

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