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POEM: What If … A Farmer’s Secret

March 26, 2014

NOTE:  In anticipation of National Poetry Month which begins on April 1, I am sharing with you a very short poem–short because I am trying to learn a new computer system.  If you know a dairy farming issue that has been debated in Wisconsin during the past few years, you may be able to guess the “secret” to which I refer in this poem.


What If … A Farmer’s Secret


What if J. had never told me the secret?

What if I had never told you?

What if you had never told your very best friend?

What if he had never told his acquaintance from the Press?


I guess

life would be so different.

We would not be a quartet of quarrels.

Wouldn’t we be a melodious set?


What a mess!

Sitting on my little wooden stool,

I am milking my cow Tess;

and I know who is the real April Fool.


Happy National Poetry Month!



March 26, 2014, Wednesday



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  1. Alice, the only thing I know about dairy farming is that milk, butter, and cheese come from cows. I couldn’t figure out your secret, but I like the poem, anyway.

    • Abbie–If you are thinking “milk,” you are on the right path to guessing the “secret.” Thanks for letting me know that you like the poem. Since I have not yet learned Word 2013, I typed this post directly onto the Word Press site–a nice temporary solution until I learn more about Windows 7 and Word 2013. Take care–Alice

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