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Toby Tobias, Turkey Extraordinaire

November 27, 2013



Toby Tobias, Turkey Extraordinaire


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa




Toby Tobias, turkey extraordinaire,


wanted to fly like an eagle in the air.


“Toby, dear Toby,


you ought to want to be you!”


“But, flying like an eagle


is what I want to do.”


“Toby, dear Toby,


eagles perch high.


Their soaring is graceful,


but close to the sky.”


“Listen here, I am not afraid of heights;


my concern comes in the form of frozen animal rights.”


“Ben Franklin wanted to make you the national bird.”


“Let me remind you:  he did not have the last word.


All those modern-day pilgrims have something else in mind–


roasted turkey and the trimmings for all mankind.


The eagle is always thought of as glorious and great;


I’m thought of scrumptious only when on a plate!


On this Thanksgiving, my plan is to FLY–


and let everyone else eat pumpkin pie!”



Post-script:  Please return to my blog in December for more holiday recipes and some other special treats of the season. 


Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading my blog!



November 27, 2013, Wednesday



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One Comment
  1. How great to enjoy once again at Thanksgiving this poem about Toby Tobias!
    Love, Mary

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