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Poem: Time Zone

October 30, 2013


Time Zone


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Loved ones live in Pacific Time,


Mountain Time, Central Time, and Eastern Time.


While other relatives live in Italian time,


Argentinean time, and Mexican time–


I, alone, live


in Wisconsin time:


in my time,


I try to save daylight


due to


too many long strands


of gray days


that are too common—standard–


when one lives along lake time.




I am on time–


for the umpteenth time,


I am changing time.


However, I ask,


“Am I in prime time?”.


Wishing I were having or had had the time of my life,


I ponder with music in four-four time (common time):


“Am I at the cusp of prime time?”.




Let me hear the chime.


Who has set my timer?


It’s my time?


Time out!


I have to change


all my clocks


so that they, you, and I


can fall back


one sanctioned, governable hour.



Enjoy this weekend’s extra hour!



Post-script:  If you were expecting a Halloween story, please read last week’s post, “After High Tea, a Taste of Ghost.”  Happy Halloween!


October 30, 2013, Wednesday



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  1. I love this clever poem, Alice! Now I have to get busy and make the most of the extra time I have today.
    Love, Mary

  2. Paula permalink

    Alice, you are a clever word-smith! I enjoyed this, as I do all that you write! Be well!

  3. Hi Alice, I like this poem, very thought provoking.

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